Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stuff My Brain Says #68

I think it is hysterical that man, in all of his evolved genius, cannot create a computer equal to a human brain - which, by evolutionist/naturalist terms, is nothing more than a chance combination of arbitrary chemical reactions. Maybe someday he will, but I wonder how - with a brain that is essentially nothing but an accident. Possibly BY accident?

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Speak Now, Or Forever …

One day I thought it would be fun to experiment with Microsoft's Speech Recognition (MSR) software. I have a Surface RT, which has a decent built-in microphone, so I started the program and played. MSR has the ability to let you do most operations on the unit, along with dictation. For me, the dictation feature was what I was interested in. After all, the Surface RT has terrific touch screen functionality, so outside of the times my hands have recently been coated with hand lotion, touch is great.

I opened up OneNote (one of my favorite apps) and tried to "blog".

Total disaster. Not MSR. That worked very well. I just realized that not only am I terrible at public speaking, but I also stink at private speaking. It is much more efficient for me to express my thoughts through my fingers than my tongue. That's where I find that writing becomes such a valuable tool for self-expression.

As I wrote previously in "Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name", writing can be great therapy. People say that you need to get things off of your chest by sharing it with others. Sometimes I think that speaking something can unknowingly give it "power". Kind of like sharing a fish story, the issue can grow with each telling. But with writing, there is a "finality" to it. You craft your thoughts and lay them out on paper (or a screen, as the case may be), and they become solidified. There is a firmness to it. That "finality" becomes a marker. Like a head stone. (Get it?)

When you write, you can't lie as easily either. Every time you reread what you wrote, the lie will glare back at you - and you will get no "deliverance". Writing practically forces you to be honest with yourself. And that's where all healing begins.

If you have something that needs to be expressed, go ahead and write it out. You'll feel better.

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