Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Broke. Time to Fix It! - An Introduction

"Oh yeah? So you think you are so smart, how would YOU fix things?"

Okay, no one outside of that voice in my head has actually confronted me with that question, but I feel that I should at least present a response to it. There are many "fixes" that I feel should be taken into consideration, but this blog would be the wrong place to give an overall treatise of them. But this blog IS a great place to address each one individually, and that is precisely what I plan to do.

Over the next weeks/months I will post (hopefully) short concepts that I feel would "fix" what is broken. Each one will be presented individually, but hopefully can be connected to each other as a consistent view. I don't claim perfection, but the idea is not to present ideas that would contradict each other. If that does happen, the idea is to take the "better" idea and implement it. These articles won't be back-to-back. I do plan on presenting other items separately as the thoughts present themselves.

Warning: If you are a politician and implement any of these, you may find yourself with a shortened political career. And to be honest, I certainly hope so! (There is a "fix" there that I plan on addressing as well!)

So let me grab my toolbox, and a refreshing beverage, and have at it! Enjoy!

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