Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time to Stop Compromising

(Time for a good rant:)

Now is a really good time to stop compromising. You heard me Washington: stop compromising. Stand for something! Don't do what is politically expedient. Who cares if you lose votes. Do what is RIGHT! Even if it turns out to be wrong, do it anyway.

Everyone knows the old saying: "When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall." Everyone knows that, except our so-called leaders in Washington. Congratulations. You raised the debt ceiling. Do you know what that means? It is a breather to give us time. Time for what? Time to fix it, for crying out loud. But do you know what will happen instead? They will outspend that ceiling as well. Guarantee it. As sure as politicians are unable to tell the truth, it will happen.

Do what will probably cost you votes: cut spending. We all know that those "evil" rich people need to be punished for succeeding. But if you take ALL of the net worth of all of those "evil" rich people (according to our leaders, that is any couple earning over $250k/yr) and apply it to the non-existent budget (thank you Democrat-led Senate), it wouldn't even dent it. It's not a supply-side issue. It's an expense-side issue.

And don't cut future spending. Cut current spending. And when all of those living with their hands out start whining, buck up and tell them it's your fault! If you wouldn't have tried to give everyone a free lunch, we wouldn't be starving ourselves now. Tell them you really wanted to make a socialist utopia here in America, but mathematically it just doesn't work, and now its time to stop the gravy train before it derails (or more likely, runs out of track).

We do know that the socialist dream will eventually arrive in full here in America. It’s a given. A shot won't be fired. A war will not be fought. We will simply be OWNED by China. Funny thing is, if it wasn't for capitalist policies implemented in China over the last twenty years or so, China wouldn't be the power it is. Like I said, mathematically socialism/communism/Marxism NEVER works.

So get off your compromising butts and do what is right. We are waiting.

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  1. The problem with this thinking is that you are telling people to put their employment on the line. A politician who makes the "tough" decision is not going to be a politician any more... Back in the day when politics was a part-time job this made sense. Now it is a full-time job and would you be willing to put your career on the line each time you made a decision? Mind you, you might not even get the measure passed and it could still cost you your job simply being on the losing side... It is a tangled web they weave...

  2. LOL - you are right on the money Kevin! I DO want their employment to be on the line. And you are right, originally they were part-time jobs, short-stays where they would do the job and go back to their private lives. If they ALL had term limits it might help with doing the right thing.