Friday, May 25, 2012

Stuff My Brain Says #37

Wait. Either it is, or it isn't. On one hand we have the coveted "Buffet Rule" (an increased tax percentage on the so-called "wealthy") that is being touted as truly fair by our President. You see, according to the Buffet Rule, wealthy people are not paying enough in taxes and it's not fair - so says Warren Buffet, the one for whom the bill is named. On the other hand, we have people like Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Robert Casey (D-PA) who want to make it so that any person with a net worth of over so much who leaves the country and renounces their citizenship as having left PRIMARILY for tax reasons, and bar them from ever returning to the country. You see, there is a gentleman named Eduardo Saverin (a co-founder of Facebook) who is doing that very thing. Wait. I thought all wealthy people felt they didn't pay enough in taxes and should pay more. Why would anyone want to ever leave this country based on paying too much? Which way do you want it? Either they want to pay more or they don't. It can't be both.

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