Friday, February 8, 2013

Stuff My Brain Says #60

I'm having difficulty understanding why free contraceptives are part of ObamaCare in the first place. I understand topics like heart disease, cancer, and surgeries. I understand prescription medication in such cases as well. So let me get this straight: sex is a disease, right? It is a non-choice item like cancer and we need "free" (let's face it, somebody is paying) contraceptives to help cope with it. Really?

Why does the government care about contraception anyways. Don't they (a.k.a. "we, the tax payers") already support Planned Parenthood? Who cares about contraceptives when you can simply go get an abortion - no strings attached??

Is it just me or does this whole argument seem nutty?

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  1. Use of a preventative eliminates use of an after the event. Use of birth control pills may mean less abortions? fewer unwanted pregnancies? fewer unwanted children whose parent(s) cannot afford them, don't know how to take care of them? Have there been enough stories in the news about physically neglected children who have no food? Mothers and/or (and I use those terms loosely) who have abused their children to death? When you work with children who have siblings with multiple fathers, who could not be cared for by their parents and have "aged out" of the foster care system, who have been asked at age 13 do you want to stay with you substance abusing mother or stay in the come to wonder if an ounce of prevention might have been the wiser course for some ?
    Note: as a teacher, those are the kids who need me the most but...