Monday, April 22, 2013

Stuff My Brain Says #64

Question: Do we need to make drugs legal?
Answer: Wrong question.

The correct ones would be:

How much has been spent on the War on Drugs?
How many in our already over-crowded prisons are there for drug-related crimes (a.k.a. "possession", "trafficking", etc.)?
How much have we spent housing, feeding, clothing, and providing health care for those in prison?
How much time and money is spent by our police and courts?
And the kicker: How much tax "revenue" is lost by not being able to tax the stuff?

I'm not pro-drugs, but I'm definitely not pro-keep-throwing-good-money-after-bad either!

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  1. Another question is how to define 'drug'? Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are all powerful mind-altering substances yet are perfectly legal. Yeah, the War On Drugs was pretty much a lost cause from the get-go. But, hey - it got some politicians a lot of votes.