Monday, May 27, 2013

Socialized Medicine. Here?

Received a card from my employer. On one side it states, with a graphic: The Law: Health Care Reform, and a list of websites:,, and On the reverse side it tells you to start planning for the law; a statement telling you that all U.S. Citizens, residents and their dependents are required to have qualifying health coverage; our company's open enrollment period; and a list of our options. Here is where the hair stands up on my arms (I shave my head, so there isn't any on the back of my neck).

Here are the options AS LISTED:

 • A government sponsored program
 • An eligible employer-sponsored plan
 • A health plan offered in the individual market within a state
 • Other coverage which is approved by the regulatory authorities
 • Shared responsibility payment/penalty payable to the IRS

Did you notice the first one? Why, of all of those, is that the FIRST option? Get a government-sponsored program. Maybe it's just me, but I would think that for those trying to suppress the idea that we have taken one small step for health care, and one giant step for socialism, that you would NOT put government ANYTHING first. I'm thinking it would be the fourth, followed by the bitch-slap of the IRS.

Whether or not you agree that we need a better healthcare system in the United States, you SHOULD be concerned that we are moving more and more toward a FAILED system of government. Failed? Oh yes. For all of my liberal we-need-equality-for-true-fairness folks, you must agree, that true fairness is not based on the big government leaders and the small people (people who are all equal - just not with the leaders), a.k.a. "socialism", but where the people are equal in OPPORTUNITY to PURSUE "happiness". The differences in the people are then based on how they did or did not TAKE the opportunity. Fairness  is based on effort, not on results.

The United States is an experiment in government. You cannot truly have a solid experiment where the experiment is constantly being changed while the experiment is in process. How does one know where success and failure lie? The farther we've gone from the founders' intentions when this government was "birthed", the less you can truthfully state that democracy is a failure.  And THAT you can list first!

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  1. The taxpayer sponsored program is listed first because the intended audience is first and foremost those who think other people should provide them with cradle-to-grave support.

    My only fear of the extremes to which the political pendulum is swinging is how fast and how far back it'll swing in the opposite direction, as it most assuredly do.