Friday, June 14, 2013

Stuff My Brain Says #66

The Boy Scouts of America recently voted to allow gay (defined as "homosexual" - not "happy") boys to join starting next year. After that WILL come gay adult scout leaders - it is inevitable. Don't believe me? Pandora's Box people.

Once you allow so-called gay marriage, you then HAVE to allow everything else. Anything less would be considered "intolerance". Now it's gay Boy Scouts, next gay Boy Scout leaders.

And after that I expect a full, PUBLIC apology to the Catholic priesthood for all of the grief given to it, for the apparently faulty prejudice against the claims of pedophilia. (I know that not all gay adults are pedophiles, but one of the main reasons against allowing gay adult scout leaders has been the fear of possible pedophilia.)

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1 comment:

  1. I can no longer expect people to tolerate my tolerance of your intolerance of Gay Boy Scouts.

    BTW, is a Gay Boy Scout one who scouts for gay boys?

    Relax, my friend. The current homo-mania is a fashion trend, like cloud computing. Someone will eventually start another organization for heterosexual (Or...gasp!...Celibate!) young men and women and have the testicular fortitude to fight the inevitable lawsuits brought by busy-body parents of sexually immature adolescent offspring. The great silent majority of us will eventually catch on that a only tiny - but-well organized and quite vocal - percentage of us are homosexual. In the meantime, put the rainbow sticker on your forehead, smile politely at the self-appointed Thought Police among us...and never stop praying for us all. :)