Sunday, January 11, 2015

Visions Through Satan's Eyes

As I feel the poison
flowing through my veins,
no tears do I shed.
I have taken the love given me
And have transformed it
into some precarious form
of disillusionment.
I have warped the minds of innocence
and have distorted it
to suit my satisfaction.
I hold the hand
of one in need,
and so carelessly crush it,
until the bones snap
like dead branches.
Ah, death.
Tis a sweet gift
I give unto thee
who is so full
of joy.
Pain is just an emotion
which deserves its equal time
with love.
I live by a sadistic law:
Agony be it
for those
who think kindly.
As my mind dissipates
with the sweet sickness
that is death,
I laugh
at man’s feeble attempts
to live
by love.
I am not the disease,
just a minor element.
Man shall continue
when I am gone.
he shall make my work
that of a saint.
Total devastation
shall be achieved
by man’s love.
My only wish
is that I may live to see it.
what a performance it shall be.
One that will require
no encore.

J.P. Wiegand
© Emittravel 1985

A touch of the macabre; written appropriately at midnight; should be read sitting down with a strong cup of coffee.

(Special thanks goes to BladeWolf for use of ~Sinilius~. The image was originally posted on I received permission from BladeWolf to use it back in 1985 when I posted the poem there. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate him on the site to link to him here.)

"On this home by Horror haunted - tell me truly, I implore -
Is there - is there balm in Gilead? - tell me - tell me, I implore!
- Quothe the Raven 'Nevermore'." - E.A. Poe
(special thanks to the "master")

© Emittravel 2015

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