Sunday, August 14, 2016

Subterfuge Rejecters

"Conspiracy Theorists". Whenever that term is bantered about, images of people wearing aluminum foil on their noggins spouting off in full paranoia mode come to mind.

Whenever the desire to discredit someone, or at least someone's argument, was called for, the term "conspiracy theorist" was used. That would give the impression that (either) the person and/or their argument had no basis in reality, and that everything they said could be ignored.

Often this is the tool of those with something to hide.

Now, I'm not saying that everything uttered in the name of conspiracy is valid. Trying to get the thousands of people involved in the moon landing to go along with a hoax is far more difficult to swallow than whether or not we actually took one small step for a man . . .

But what I'm not saying is that everything uttered in the name of conspiracy is invalid either.

I find it rather funny that statements like "the majority of scientists agree" are used to give credibility to things like "man-made climate change", in order to silence those other scientists who don't agree. Especially with the track record of scientists' "facts". (Check out this video on birth control methods.)

Have you ever heard of Edward Snowden? Interesting fellow. There is a movie coming out about him. Oh, and by the way, whenever you see "based on a true story", or something similar, in regards to a movie, remember that all falsehoods require at least the tiniest element of truth to make them believable. In other words, don't let Hollywood be your source for historical accuracy.

Anywho. Edward Snowden has been called a traitor for leaking government secrets. Actually, I think I figured out why Mr. Snowden is living in an undisclosed location in the land of vodka right now: he proved that those conspiracy theorist nut-jobs were right! Their government WAS spying on them.

And the Emperor was not pleased that he was naked before his subjects.

Does this give credibility to the conspiracy theorists? I don't know. As the saying goes: "Is it paranoia if they really ARE watching you?"

I think it is time for the shoe to go on the other foot. The tables need to turn. The bread needs buttered on the other side (WHAT?!?)

Maybe we need to change the focus from those who don't trust, to those who OVER trust. You know, the lemmings that blindly accept what is told them by "experts" with agendas. Just because President Obama said that (man-made) climate change was real, doesn't mean it is true.

Maybe it is time that we call those individuals by what they really are: conspiracy deniers.

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