Sunday, November 20, 2016

Untitled Unblog Unpost #2

I had an appointment with a new massage therapist yesterday. This lady "beat the crap" out of me - in a good way. My former massage therapist had moved too far away for the number of clients she had in my area, so I had to find a new one.

I had my jaw worked over. It's part of my stress-headache-prevention regiment: monthly deep-tissue massages, daily stretches, a prescription to Zolpidem for those nights when I've had a terrible night sleep the night before, and of course, writing this blog.

Along with my jaw she worked on areas to coincide with what my chiropractor has been adjusting the last week or so. I have an issue with a couple of my lower lumbar periodically getting out of alignment. This not only makes the back sore, but it affects the nerve that runs down the back of my right leg: causing pain, cramping, or numbness/weakness. For those who see me regularly in person may have noticed the occasional cane to compensate for the leg.

Anywho. Because of getting "beat up" pretty good, I have decided to take the week off from writing. This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the good ol' U.S. of A. So regardless of whether or not you are an American, take a moment to reflect on those things you can truly be thankful for from this past year. It may be easier to think of all the crap; think about the good things nonetheless. 

I'm thankful for you folks who read my shtuff. Thanks for being there to keep my head from exploding. You are the duct tape I wrap my skull with. 


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