Saturday, December 24, 2016

Untitled Unblog Unpost #3

There will not be a blog post from me for the next two weeks (I know, I know: Isn't THIS a blog post?!?) Holidays and all. I'm not alone. Most of the podcasts I listen to are either off as well, or they have something in the can they will play ("Best of 2016" shows).

Thanks once again for all of you. As you are aware, this blog is therapy for me. It's kept the late-night demon from waking me up at night screaming. I so appreciate you being the couch I can pour my brain out on; the therapist that listens and allows me to talk my way to healing. 

May you have a restful, peaceful, and joyful holiday season. Don't focus too much on the calendar change. After all, it's just measuring yet another trip around the sun. Your life is one continuous trip. Make the most of the journey. You'll get to the final destination soon enough.

God bless you!


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