Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ground Zero, Mosques, and You

I've been catching the "discussions" on TV and I want to hit this from a different angle: If the area that they want to build in is zoned to allow churches, they have every right to build there. We have a freedom of religion in this country - and that means a freedom of religions we may not like. I've heard comments such as "when they allow a Christian church to be built in their country, then we will allow a mosque at Ground Zero." Isn't that the point? You CAN'T build a Christian church there because they HAVE NO freedom. So, stifling our freedoms, even when inconvenient, is a step towards living in their country - and them WINNING!

If the area IS zoned for churches, the city may be able to vote a change in zoning. But, if the land has already been purchased, it may be grand-fathered in and they can build anyways. If the area is NOT zoned for churches, the argument is over. But understand, the arguments I've heard have been totally based on emotion. We are not a nation of emotions, but a nation of laws. What if an area, like say Utah, decided to not allow Catholic churches to build there? What would be the arguments be for, or against, that? I'm just saying . . .

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