Sunday, November 21, 2010


Here's a promised break in the "It's broke" series. This was written back in 1999. Based loosely on a true event. The drawing was provided by my lovely bride.


She sits quietly.
Apparently alone.
At least for now.
Corner table.
Single candle.
Two glasses.
One with wine.
One empty.

She looks at her napkin.
She looks toward the door.
She looks my way.
That may be good.
Don’t know how I’d react.
Catch the gaze of those eyes.
Melt me where I sit.

She’s beautiful.
Almost too beautiful.
Out of place here.
Sitting alone.

Who could leave such a creature alone like this?
Not a good word.
But appropriate.

Maybe I should say something.
Maybe I shouldn’t.
I shouldn’t.

She twists the ring on her finger.
Turning it slowly.
Glancing at the door.
Still alone.


J.P. Wiegand

©Emittravel 1999

A moment captured; a painting in words; a scene - any place, any time, anywhere. Something almost everyone has witnessed - and a few unfortunate have experienced.


©Emittravel 2010

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