Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stuff My Brain Says #5

Speaking of the current debt/budget crisis: I find it rather ironic that the party that ran on "hope and change" hopes that nothing will change. Any cuts in spending have been labeled nothing short of criminal. What do they think CAN be changed if they sincerely hope for this nation to survive? And don't say "increase taxes on the rich": they've been spouting that for years - that's not change, that's a worn-out record!

(I just realized that many of my readers may not catch the "record" joke above. I need either newer jokes, or an older audience!)

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  1. And I find it ironic that the party that started the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as drew up the original Bush tax cuts and well as ran up the largest increase in spending VS GDP in our countries history (which is why we are this deep in debt right now) is suddenly the party of fiscal responsibility.

  2. Look at what happens if you actually cut spending to try to balance your budget... Governor Kasich is so vilified right now, I'm waiting for the Hitler/Stalin references to start flying (actually I've already seen a few...)

  3. These guys are a joke. If they would just take the standard deductions they would pay more in taxes, but they don't. They use all the available write-offs and loop-holes available. So, they are saying that the only way to get them to pay more in taxes is to have the government FORCE them? Hypocrites. How about just writing a bigger check, or declining any refunds? 

    And mathematically their argument does not work. If you take all of their wealth, not just their income but sell everything they own, and give it to the government, it wouldn't fund it for four months. THEN where do you go to get the money? It's not an income problem, it is an outgo (spending) problem. When the government consistently spends more than comes in, no amount of income will fix it.

    An old saying: When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall!