Sunday, September 25, 2011

God in a Box

I've received quite a few comments concerning the talk I gave at the last Faith Fellowship Church's Men's Breakfast this month (see "I Grasp It, But It Keeps Slippin' Outta My Hands!"). One of the points was that we, as finite beings, have a heck of a time trying to grasp God's "infinite". Below is a poem I wrote several years ago that touches on our arrogance to assume that we know all about God, and have no need to learn and grow. And you know what happens when you break down "assume" . . . 

God don't do that.
Not like that.
Not my God.
That's not Him.
I've figured Him out.
I know how He moves.
Just like this.
Not like that.

Don't shake me.
You'll break me.
Don't flip my ship.
Cease the wind.
Calm the waves.
I believe what I believe.
And that don't fit.

Picking and choosing.
A little this.
A little that.
God in a box.
He just fits nice.
Open it when I want to.
Close the lid when I'm done.

Go ahead.
Capture the wind.
Keep it in your box.
Try it.
Tell the Potter - you clay.
Tell the Painter - you canvas.
Go ahead.
Tell Him.

Lift the lid.
Look inside that box.
Where do you store Him who encompasses the heavens?
Your vision of God is as only big as the box you place Him in.
Out of the box.
Into your heart.

J.P. Wiegand
©Emittravel 1997

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