Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Press "2" for Polish

I voted today. Yup. Got the sticker and everything. But I walked away confused, because the ballot was in English and Spanish. Now, I have nothing against those who speak Spanish (lovely language), but I’m scratching my head over the ballot.

You see, I live in Seven Hills, OH – which is REALLY close to Parma. One of the benefits to living here is the food! Nothing like ordering a steak and getting a choice of potatoes, rice, or pierogies. That’s right: pierogies. There is a large Eastern European population in my area and the menus reflect it. Funny, the voting ballot – or Lowes for that matter – doesn’t reflect that. The local Lowes home improvement store has signs in both English and Spanish, but I’ve NEVER heard anyone speaking Spanish there. Polish, yes. But Spanish? Ninguno.

I don’t hear the Polish people complaining that they don’t have signs or ballots in their language. Why? Because they ALSO speak English. No disenfranchisement there!

So, would someone explain to me why we pay more to have things printed in two languages?

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