Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stuff My Brain Says #24

I just watched a mom wipe down a restaurant high chair with one of those alcohol, sterilization wipes, while holding her precious little one in her other arm.

I know what you are thinking: what a wonderful mother. Me? Not so much.

This same, precious little one spends time crawling around on less-than sterile carpets and floors (thankfully not here at the restaurant), and putting everything those little fingers can grasp in his/her mouth (his/her - I hate neutral colored baby clothes . . . ). And not only that, think of all that time spent sitting in his (I'm dropping the "her" for grammar's sake) own feces between Huggies.

I'm not even going to mention those times when the child is placed on a bedspread at someone's house (or at a hotel). I've seen what that light picks up on episodes of CSI.

Do you honestly think those wipes make THAT much of a difference? Honestly? I think it's more for the parents' peace of mind - and I guess that IS worth one more carry item in that baby bag.

"Hey kid. Stop drooling on that table. The waitress doesn't carry those wipes!"

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