Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As Hope Burns

Prior to my meeting, falling in love, and marrying my lovely wife Lisa, I was a mess. I was still trying to get over someone and was refusing to allow myself to get close to any other woman. This poem came out during a non-numb moment - if you know what I mean. -j.p.

The seasons have come and gone
Time drifts slowly past
People come and go
Impacting in ways small and great
But some memories remain
Peaceful yet haunting

I told you once
(Seems so long ago)
That there will be others in my life
Mere shadows compared to you
Words of prophecy
Falling into fruition

Why can’t I forget you
Stop caring each and every day
Wondering where you are
Missing you so much
Recounting the moments
Immersed in my failures

Where do these tears come from
How can they continue to fall
Haven’t I cried enough
Shouldn’t my heart be dry
And yet I wonder
How many tears have you shed

Do I ever touch your thoughts
Speak to you in the quiet
Alone in your bed
Can you feel my arms around you
Does my name cross your lips
In the sorrow of prayer

I wait for you
After all this time
I reach out
Try to touch you in my musings
And love you
As hope burns

J.P. Wiegand
© Emittravel 2004

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