Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ptolemy Syndrome

Long before Copernicus discovered that the earth revolved around the sun, Ptolemy believed and taught that everything revolved around the earth. The earth was considered the center of the universe. As a matter of fact, Copernicus got in a lot of trouble with the Catholic Church because of his discovery. Some people just have difficulty believing that the universe does NOT revolve around THEM. I'm sure you have met a few of these in your time. Below are just a few that I thought of. I'd love to hear others - feel free to post them to this blog. Maybe people will be enlightened . . . like Copernicus . . .

People  who can't count in a 12 Items or Fewer line.

Men who think they have better aim than they do, and leave the toilet seat down.

People who use the Entrance as an Exit of a parking lot.

Texting while driving.

Taking the last cup of coffee out of the pot and leaving the empty one on the burner to burn - or better yet, not making another pot for somebody after them.

Those people who travel down the lane that is ending so that they can merge at the front of the line, thereby causing a traffic jam.

People who take two parking spaces.

People who don't use those really convenient shopping cart collectors in parking lots and just leave the cart in an empty space. You know, the space you were about to pull into.

Those individuals who pull out in front of you and then travel about ten miles below the speed limit.

Line cutters.

People who refuse to use the crosswalk buttons/signals, and walk on the "don't walk" - making the traffic wait for them.

Those individuals who drive with their high beams on, even when approaching on-coming traffic.

People using their electronic devices on a plane before they are allowed to.

Two-year olds. Enough said.

Those who come to Mass and make a bee-line to the exit immediately after communion. I mean, this is God's house. Would you go to someone's house and have dinner, and leave before dessert? That's kind of rude.

People who walk around stores and leave things in various places, because they decided they didn't want to buy them, instead of putting them back where they came from.

People who change the diaper of their child inside their car, and leave the dirty diaper on the ground in the middle of the parking lot.

Did I mention the non-use of turn signals?

Those who throw trash out of their car, when they are only twenty feet from a trash can. (See the diaper comment above . . . )

People who believe that their opinion is right over everybody else, and everybody has a right to their opinion. Oh wait a minute, that one is me.

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