Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stuff My Brain Says #45

I've read quite a few articles concerning how our government wants to know/control after-tax money held in foreign banks. Apparently our "evil rich" store money there and our government believes that it needs to get its hands on it.  Understand, if you are an American citizen working over seas, many banks will not allow you to open an account to manage your after-tax income. In a lot of cases, people are giving up their citizenship because the hassle to live there is not worth keeping the American "label". It is only "so convenient" to keep your money in mason jars behind the cereal in the kitchen cupboard (and no, that's not where I keep it . . . )

So why does this line of thinking, the government's insatiable appetite for your money, exist? Because our government outspends every dollar it gets, it is constantly looking for sources of revenue to outspend. Are you one of those who believe that the "evil rich" are not paying their fair share and should be punished? Than understand that you are dangerously close to the camp that believes that the government owns it all. The line that says "net income" on your pay stub is the amount the government LETS you keep (albeit, temporarily). They can take that (back) anytime they please.

Now, think about running a business with THAT in the back of your mind.

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