Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Chosen Exit

Title: The Chosen Exit

Scene: A small, one-car garage. The room is dark, but for the headlights of the running automobile that shine on the back wall. There is no dialogue; only the thoughts of the main character.

Tom: (sitting in lawn chair next to car - head in hands) Just one more breath. That's all I need. One more breath. What does she know anyway? She doesn't care. She thinks I'm useless. She says she wants more. He'll never satisfy her. He can't love her like I have. Someone stable - she says. Someone with a career - she says. Someone who completes what he starts. I'll show her. One more breath. Think I won't do it? Think I'll run away? I'm more of a man than he ever'll be. More of a man than you can handle. I don't need you Katy. Go on. Just get out of my life. My life. My life is nothing without you. Go on. You'll find me and wish like hell you'd have stayed. But it's too late. I can't take it anymore. This is one project I'm finishing. Yeah. You'd…be…proud…of me…Katy.

Scene: A small, one-car garage. The room is dark, but for the fading headlights of the silent automobile.

J.P. Wiegand

This was my entry for the December 2004 Writer's Forum Challenge on The theme for the challenge was to write a short script, or screen play, about people trapped in a confined space (elevator, room, coffin or some other). I guess I took the idea of "trapped" and pushed it out of its box to come up with this one. 

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