Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Wall

For me, one of the difficult aspects of writing a blog is finishing what was started. Creative writing has been my shtick for a good many years. I've posted a few poems to this blog to share some of that with you. When I've written poetry, I find that I have to complete the poem in one session. I can't start it and come back to it later. The mood has changed. The muse has taken me in a different direction.

Writing a blog seems to have the same process for me. I've got a "stack" of blog topics in the queue. I've got some as titles only. Others have a list of concepts to hopefully jog my memory. And others have been started but, due to extenuating circumstances, have been left to finish later. This means the queue is getting bigger - the fear of running out of blog topics is hardly an issue.

So now I'm trying to capture the mood, the frame of mind, the energy, of a particular topic. And it is difficult. It has a great start, but is dying on the vine. And I want to finish it. I really do. The working title is "Cliché Christianity", and I stopped writing with a single reminder note: "God Moments". What the heck does THAT mean? What was the approximately three pounds of computer above my shoulders wanting to share? How do I recapture that?

What about you? I'd like to think that I'm not alone here. For those of you writing the "Great American Novel" - how do you write over a period of YEARS? And more importantly, what do you do to get that muse?

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