Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Look: A Conspiracy!

People keep telling me that I'm a conspiracy theorist and not based in reality. To them, reality is what the "news" networks all agree on (except for that one, biased organization: FOX NEWS).

I don't spend a lot of time watching the "talking heads" repeat each other's talking points. Maybe that is my problem. If I did, I too would be unaware of the propaganda (but then again, I'd have that much less to write about). Think I'm kidding? Remember the "We Are the 99%" people? Remember the "evil" 1% that needed to pay their fair share? At what point did that shift from the 1% to the 2%, and the "We Are the 99%" to the "We Are the 98%"? The fiscal cliff talks morphed into an argument over taxing the top 2% folks. Where was the insightful, investigative journalists? I never heard one (and again, I admit I don't spend a LOT of time watching them) ask the question: "When did the 1% become the 2%?" Of course they couldn't do that. If they did, it would focus attention on that sliding scale, where 1% becomes 2%, which becomes 3%, which becomes the top 10%.

Think I'm crazy? Fine. Look up the income tax rate when it was initialized and look at it now. The first, peacetime income tax was established in 1894 with a tax rate of 2% for those making over $4k. Less than 10% of households had to pay income taxes. That was one of the main reasons it was able to be enacted - only a small portion of the populous would be impacted. Have you looked at your paystub lately?

If you don't watch the "talking heads" you may find that your brain will reengage and you too can be labeled a conspiracy theorist! Beats being a lemming.

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