Friday, January 18, 2013

Stuff My Brain Says #58

Politicians, and many who worship at the altar of the "Mainstream Media", believe that the solution to the violence committed using guns would be more, and stricter, gun laws. You know, I honestly wish they were right. A few laws are passed and suddenly such violence is all but a forgotten memory. But you want to know the truth? That is a false hope.

There are already more gun laws on the books than can be counted, and since there is STILL violence committed with guns, more laws can't be the fix. Yet, the cry for more laws has become almost deafening. Obviously, more laws is not the solution - or places like Chicago would already be the safest places on the planet. It is already against the law to commit murder - with any type of weapon - and that has not stopped it from happening.

What is the solution? Some say putting God back in the front of our lives. Others say focus on strengthening the ties of traditional marriage and family. Do I have the answer? No. But I CAN tell you that if something does NOT work, more of it won't either.

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