Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wrapped in Unconditional Love

This was the most painful poem I've ever written. Between each phrase I paced the floor and sobbed - not wept; sobbed. It seemed to take forever to express the ache.

It took four months for me to sit and write after that. I just didn't have the courage to put myself through it again.


© Emittravel 2014

Wrapped in Unconditional Love
All consuming
Beyond anything ever known before
Every thought
Every passion
Every breath
Focused on one

All encompassing
Beyond anyone ever known before
Every word
Every motion
Every breath
The focus of my existence


I cry out with love
But you are gone
I seek you
I search for you
But you are not there
You stand before me
But you are far away
You long for another
Shutting me out

My heart reaches forth
Grasping the air
Wanting nothing but you
You smile and turn away
Looking for the love
Of one who has shut YOU out

Does your heart cry for him?
Like mine does for you?
Do you know the pain?
Wrapped in unconditional love?

To hold you again
To proclaim my love for you
As I fall into those eyes once more

All knowing
Beyond the ability to control
Every desire
Every prayer
Every moment
Waiting just for you

J.P. Wiegand
© Emittravel 2003

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