Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just a Blink of an Eye

A single breath in passing
A moment and it's gone
A thought grasped but slipping
The pain it feels so wrong

We focus on the moment
Each life to us we face
Soon buried in the rubble
Forever be the chase

To hang on one more second
To make each minute count
Find peace in single hour
Last day for each surmount

What drives the inside hunger
The pangs for just one more
To glean the effervescence
Of lives beyond three score

To find the hope and beauty
To cling to love and mate
To live beyond the total
Escape the claws of fate

If I said "goodbye" now
Left the sand and rust
Would tomorrow forget me
In beams of light like dust

I reach for words of meaning
To share with what I've found
But through my tears I'm humbled
My voice has lost its sound

For each life is but passing
Each friendship one day cease
No value found in fighting
In acceptance is found peace

J.P. Wiegand
© Emittravel 2015

I was reading a blog that talked of how fleeting our lives actually are; in the grand scheme of the universe. There was a deep ache that formed in me and I needed to express it.

Have you ever noticed that you exist? Can you remember a time when you didn't? No wonder we can't imagine not existing in the future. We hunger for life after death - or more appropriately, never-ceasing life. We exercise, Botox, pray, and smear things on ourselves, all in order to keep the Not-So-Pleasant Reaper from knocking on our doors.

One who lives a philosophy that all there is is the now of life, is living such a life in misery - in my humble but accurate opinion. -j.p.

© Emittravel 2015

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