Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today is Easter. Also known as "Resurrection Day" to Christians. It is today that we especially remember that Jesus the Christ has not only died for the sins of you and I (Google "Good Friday"), but has beaten death and provided eternal life by rising from the dead Himself.

More than a celebration, today is also a reminder that we are to live lives that give glory to Him, and be examples to all of the message of the cross and empty tomb. For most will never pick up a Bible on their own and seek out the message of the gospel ("good news" - see the above paragraph for a definition). For them it is we who must be the living example of the gospel. In a sense, we are to be a Memorial.


© Emittravel 2016

Make me a memorial to You.
A standard.
A stone.
A cross.
A witness to You.
To others.
Living letters.
Read by all.

You've given the power.
The anointing.
Freely given.
Freely received.
The life of Christ.
Continued through me.
Let me walk His walk.
My feet stumble.
Yours doesn't.

Be the light of my path.
Make it shine straight before me.
Open my eyes to see it.
Others see me.
Their eyes are open.
Waiting for me to stray.
To slip off Your path.
To laugh.
To mock.

Direct my ways.

Make me a memorial.
A light on a hill.
To draw others to You.
Not me.
A standard.
A cross.
Forever standing.
Forever tall.
Forever a memorial.

J.P. Wiegand
© Emittravel 1996

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