Sunday, April 16, 2017

Thank You Easter Bunny - Bawk! Bawk!

Today is Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Day, or the Day of the Chocolate Coma. I gave up “giving up things for Lent” for Lent many years ago, but my wife did the usual: she gave up desserts and sweets. At the same time I decided to consciously watch my sugar intake. I didn’t give up all sugars - I still like my beer, and alcohol IS sugar. I just decided to be more cognizant of how much I put in my gullet.

Baseball season has been a big help in the low-sugar front (outside, again, of beer - baseball and beer ARE a great combo!). Instead of nibbling on the homemade dark chocolate covered PayDay bars my wife makes (yeah, it’s like finding Nirvana in your mouth - paradise, not the band - that’s gross), I grab the salt-roasted peanuts and watch my blood pressure rise a few notches. Not that a good game of baseball doesn’t affect one’s blood pressure either. Watching the strike out that ends the inning leaving bases loaded is SO calming (sarcasm font).

But again, today is Easter Sunday. That means I’m probably going to feel like crap tomorrow at work due to the sugar hangover.

And we don’t make it easy either. We have a tall, rectangular jar with a wooden lid that we keep filled with M&Ms. Normally it sits out as decoration (and temptation to guests). Currently it sits in the far back of the snack cupboard, behind the jumbo sized bag of salt-roasted peanuts.

And for some silly reason, our refrigerator has two vegetable crisper drawers. Who needs TWO vegetable crisper drawers?!? We have one with vegetables. The other is FILLED with - you guessed it - chocolate.

My other temptation is ice cream. I’ve been to birthday parties where the host asks me which type of ice cream I’d like with my cake. I say, “Yes.”

Speaking of cake, at one family birthday gathering my mom had purchased an ice cream cake. She asked me if I wanted a piece of ice cream cake or some ice cream. I said, “Yes. Ice cream a la mode.”

So you see, deciding to watch my sugar intake has been both a blessing (weight loss) and a crisis. At 51, I believe I’m just starting to enter middle age (I’m pushing for 100+ club membership), but instead of buying a Ferrari or a timeshare in Florida, I cut back. Though less expensive, it isn’t nearly as much fun.

But enough for today. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the delicious goodness of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. I’m going to try and be a good boy.

Right after I grab one of those dark chocolate covered PayDay bars.

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