Sunday, April 2, 2017

It’s the 2nd of April and I’m Ready to Stretch!

I sit down ready to blog. There are a number of things on my mind that I could write about, but what dominates my thoughts is something that has me so wired that everything else falls short. And that something?


Our Cleveland Indians hat collection
Okay, not JUST baseball, but Opening Day baseball. Today is the first official game of the season. Not for the Cleveland Indians (they play tomorrow), but for baseball in general. And my wife and I have been anxiously waiting since our Pitchers & Catchers Report party mid-February for the first pitch.

Now, there are those of you reading this that don’t give two spits about baseball. And that’s okay. I’m not going to try and convert you. To be honest, until last season I really didn’t care all that much either.

And it’s not just baseball either. I’m not into games in general. I don’t like to play them. Once I was asked to join a softball team. My response was “Softball is seven innings long, and my attention span is an inning and a half.” (Thank you Smothers Brothers for that line’s inspiration.)

My wife and I have attended an event in Utah called Nerdtacular, which is comprised of folks into technology, cosplay, comic culture, and gaming. We are attending it again this year. We love hanging with the folks there. We listen to a lot of podcasts by those who host the event, EXCEPT for those that focus on gaming. Just not interested.

At work I don’t consider myself a “team player”; I consider myself a “team worker”.

But somewhere along the line from third base to home plate, I fell in love with baseball. Not to play it. No. Not that. Again, my attention span is far too short for that. But I love to watch the game. And I don’t care who is playing. I just love to watch.

Lisa and I at Fifth Third Field for a Toledo Mudhens game

There is something magical about a well-executed double play.

We have plans to watch as many major league games as we can on TV this year, and attend as many minor league games in person as we can. Heck, we are even looking at the possibility of catching a Salt Lake Bees game when we are in Utah this summer.

And it’s weird. I’ve never been this into any sporting event before. I had a pastor who once said that football was 50k people who need exercise watching 22 people who need rest. To use my wife’s line, “this body is built for comfort, not speed”. In other words, I should be doing anything physical outside of watching a sporting event. But baseball . . .

Lisa with Muddonna of the Toledo Mudhens

One of the best parts of baseball!

Here’s to a wonderful baseball season. May your home team play above and beyond what they did last season. I know I’m going to be rooting for mine.

Now, excuse me while I go grab some peanuts and tune in a game.

Play ball!

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  1. I've been contemplating paying more attention to the Tribe this season. This post made up my mind. I haven't listened to 'MMS for so long I'd forgotten how to tune it in, but it's on now.

    Those are some great shots, BTW!