Sunday, June 5, 2011

Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the Label, Label, Label

I received a comment concerning one of my blog entries (via Facebook) that said I "told it like it is regardless of personal affiliations." That was a very nice thing to say, but at the same time it got me thinking: Why do we have this desire to put labels on everything and everyone?

I'm no Republican, though many of my comments line up with conservative Republicanism. I'm no Democrat, though I have a big heart for the down-trodden - I just believe there are different methodologies needed than "government" to solve social issues. I don't consider myself religious, though I believe Jesus was and is who He said He was and is - ("religion" - an old word meaning "to strangle").

The idea, I suppose, is that it is easier to make decisions based on group-think, than on individuals themselves. Voter blocks instead of voters. Too messy I guess trying to connect with each one. Just ask our House of Representatives how easy it is for 435 members to really connect with 300 million people. Do the math. And you wonder why lobbyists have so much power?

But that's a topic for another blog entry.

Maybe some of these labels ring a bell: "evil rich", "upper class", "middle class", "lower class", "Hispanic", "black", "white", "liberal", "conservative", "right-wing", "left-wing", "heathen", "righteous", "jock", "drama f*g", "in-crowd", "out cast" . . . stupid. I'm sure you can think of plenty yourself.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a label? When asked what you do, do you respond with who you are? "I am an administrative assistant, fireman, teacher, accountant, etc." As if your very identity was tied to your job . . . a label? It's so easy to do that. Sometimes it's nothing more than common grammar usage - but what if it is truly you applying a label to yourself? And who are you if that label gets stripped away?

 I hope as people get to know me that they will have a lot of difficulty placing a label on me. And if they do I hope that I can take a cheap erasure and smudge it a bit. How about you?

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