Saturday, May 28, 2011

From One Kiss to the Next

Your eyes are closed.
The warmth of your lips
is still lingering on mine.
The world has melted away.
All that exists,
all that has any meaning
is here.
Right now.

One hand caresses your face.
The other strokes your back
(looking for wings).
Almost unreal is this moment.
Your eyes are still closed
as I drink of you.

You look at me and I melt.
A smile and my heart
explodes with joy
within me.
A touch and my very being
cries out to hold you.

How does one vie
for the affection of an angel?
What must one do
to prove oneself
worthy of her love?
How can mere words
express the love in my heart for her?
…And not scare her away?

Oh God in heaven!
Grant me this one prayer:
Let me be the man she needs;
she desires;
that she’s been praying for.
Or wake me from this dream ‘fore I die.

All this is the cry of my heart
as I look upon you.
With your eyes still closed.
From one kiss
to the next.

J.P. Wiegand
©Emittravel 2003

The moment between. If one is even capable of thinking during that time, what would be the thoughts. Do you remember such a moment in your life? Go ahead. Take a moment. Remember. And then, take another moment and share it. I'd love to read about it.


© Emittravel 2011

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