Sunday, March 12, 2017

Writer's Block

Writer’s Block

Must have been my fifth cup of coffee.
I lost count after number two.
I sit here with pen in hand.
Fighting “writer’s block”.
I want to write something special for you.

You’re very beautiful.
Very mysterious.
Very intriguing.
Deep brown eyes.
Long dark hair.
A smile that warms my blood.
And a gentle laugh that is sometimes difficult to procure.

Every time I open my mouth I can taste my Nike’s.
they don’t taste so good.
Each spoken word is difficult and always sounds wrong.
How do I please?
How do I intrigue (like she)?
What steps must I take to walk into her life?
I’m afraid to get too close to her door.
I fear the breeze from its slam.

So I sit here talking to myself on paper.
Trying to figure which words are the right words.
Maybe I should just sit quiet and watch.
And listen.
Maybe she feels the same.
Maybe she doesn’t.
One thing I know,
that I am sure of is,
I need a new pair of shoes...
these taste lousy.

J.P. Wiegand
©Emittravel 1988

Written while sitting in a donut shop shortly after getting out of the Navy, looking at an incredibly beautiful lady behind the counter.

Yes, I was having a bit of writer's block at the time, but decided that writing the "block" would be a novel idea.

No, I didn't get the girl.

Getting "tongue-tied" around beautiful women seems to be an ongoing dilemma for me. I either say nothing, or I put my foot in it.

I should stick with saying nothing...


©Emittravel 2017

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